Johny T. Garner

Associate Professor, Organizational Communication

Texas Christian University

Current Projects

I am currently working on a number of research projects, but here are two that I think are particularly interesting.

Multi-organizational study of communication: Dissent triggers, messages, and outcomes

For this study, I am surveying employees in a variety of organizations, examining what triggers employees to share ideas with others in the workplace, what they say when they communicate those ideas, and what are the outcomes of those conversations.If you are in a leadership position in an organization (business, nonprofit, government) and are interested in this, I provide FREE consulting in exchange for the ability to collect data. That consulting has included ideas about burnout, technology use, communication overload, and a variety of other communication-related issues. Please contact me if you are interested in more information.

Communication in Churches as a Function of Members’ Perceptions of Authority

I am also interested in how people in churches communicate with church leaders. While churches have a number of features in common with businesses (especially larger churches), there are also important differences. I am exploring those differences, particularly as they relate to members' communication with leaders. If you are a church leader, in exchange for being able to collect data from your parishioners, I provide a FREE report of communication with an eye toward best practices in churches. Please contact me for more information about this project.